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Alfonso Bucero & Randall Englund

We are proud to announce that Alfonso Bucero was recognized with a Project Management Institute (PMI) Distinguished Contribution Award at the Global Congress North America 2010 in Washington DC on October 9th.

Randy Englund was recognized with a Project Management Institute (PMI) Distinguished Contribution Award at the Global Congress North America 2013 in New Orleans on October 26th.

PMI Best of BestProject Sponsorship book & Englund

The awards were granted based upon our body of work over many years of contributing to the project management profession and the Project Management Institute.

Alfonso Bucero was supremely honored as a Fellow of the Institute by PMI in October, 2011.

During the PMI Global Congress in Washington DC, Randy Englund presented a paper on "Negotiating with My Sponsor" on Sunday, October 10, 2010.

 Both Alfonso and Randy presented papers during the Congresses  and were pleased that our books were selling at the PMI Bookstore in the exhibit hall.  Joining us in the photo below is another good colleague and fellow presenter, Michael O'Brochta.


Englund & Bucero

Alfonso Bucero and Randy Englund in Phoenix for the PMI North America Congress 2014.

A Proposed Workshop on Project Sponsorship




A Project Sponsor:

All projects need an executive sponsor.  Upper management support for projects consistently surfaces as a critical success factor.  However, organizations often do not spend the time and money to understand what sponsorship is, why doing it better is important, and how to improve. Please join us in this workshop to experience the possibilities for excellence in sponsorship within your organization.


Project Sponsorship is a two day workshop that offers participants the opportunity to create an environment that achieves greater project prosperity as a result of excellence in project sponsorship.  It may also be offered as a half day Executive Briefing.


The primary audience for this workshop is upper managers and executives.  This workshop provides you with the knowledge, tools and practices to be an effective sponsor. Get clear understanding about your roles and responsibilities to ensure that all projects achieve successful outcomes. Another audience is project managers who work with sponsors on a regular basis and seek a better outcome from this interaction. The ideal audience is project manager and sponsor attending the workshop together. Learn together and prepare joint action plans. 




Complete the Sponsor Evaluation Tool to assess the state of project sponsorship in your organization.  When done, print the document for reference and Submit the document to record your scores via email and receive benchmarking data back about how you compare to other organizations.  Use the data together with the Project Sponsorship book to develop an action plan to develop more effective sponsorship.


What are the roles of a Project Sponsor?


a Project Sponsors is:


Workshop as Opportunity


This is a great opportunity to interact with two international experts in the organizational, behavioral, business, and technical aspects of project management. Randall Englund is the co-author of Creating an Environment for Successful Projects and Creating the Project Office.  Alfonso Bucero is the author of A New Vision of Project Management.  Together, Englund and Bucero co-authored Project Sponsorship:  Achieving Management Commitment for Project Success (2006).  You also have the opportunity to network and share experiences with other executives and senior project managers.


Who Should Attend?

All managers and executives involved in sponsoring projects, either currently or in the near future, PMO managers, senior project managers, and other stakeholders interested in experiencing a multi-media, transformational approach to the topic of effective sponsorship, in order to greater results from projects.


Workshop Purpose

·    Understand what sponsorship is all about

·    Define how sponsors impact project success

·    Discover how to obtain the right sponsor

·    Identify what sponsors need to know and “teach the old dog new tricks”

·    Keep sponsors involved

·    Extract learnings from case study examples

·    Reap benefits from effective communications

·    Make organizational culture work for you

·    Explore the power of feedback

·    Achieve excellence in project sponsorship

Workshop Content



·    Why sponsorship is necessary?

·    What’s the value?


Sponsor Responsibilities


·    Definition, objectives

·    Problem escalation

·    Asking questions


Obtaining a Sponsor


·    Criteria

·    Negotiation

·    The sales process


Sustaining Sponsorship


·    Proactivity

·    Support/interference

·    Reviews


Relationship with Others


·    Steering Committees

·    The culture

·    Clients

·    A Balanced Scorecard

·    Execution and feedback


Sponsorship Development


·    Positioning

·    Curriculum

·    Example




Where to Find Us:


Alfonso and Randy presented a two day seminar on "Achieving Management Commitment for Project Success" for the PMI Global Congress EMEA 2010 in Milan, Italy on May 13-14.  For North America, Alfonso and Randy presented "Tips and Techniques for Gaining Management Support" at the PMI Global Congress NA 2010 in Washington, DC on October 13-14.


In Dublin, Ireland, Alfonso and Randy presented papers at the PMI Global Congress EMEA 2011 as well as a seminar on The Complete Project Manager on May 12-13, 2011.


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From PMI SeminarsWorld 2010 in Milan, Italy (May) on "Achieving Management Commitment for Project Success," Maria from HP says,


"Regarding instructors (Randall L. Englund & Alfonso Bucero), they do an outstanding job on driving the seminar, involving the attendees, maximizing the learning and take aways.  It is of great value to the seminar that they are both very experienced on the topic they are teaching.  And they still achieve, that they know what they are talking about and what is realistic and can be actually implemented and used on a daily job.  Their real-life examples are of high added value."


The Facilitators



Alfonso Bucero, MSc, PMP (Project Management Professional). He is an independent consultant and a frequent speaker at multinational Project Management Congresses. He is the founder, partner and director of BUCERO PM Consulting in Spain.  Alfonso authored the book Project Management – A New Vision, and he was a contributor to the book Creating the Project Office, published by Jossey Bass (2003) and authored by Randall L. Englund, Robert J. Graham and Paul C. Dinsmore. Drawing from many years as an HP project manager, he has presented and written numerous papers in the project management field. He is a Contributing Editor of PM Network (Project Management Institute). He co-authored with Randall L. Englund the book Project Sponsorship, published in April 2006.  His latest book is Today is a Good Day! Attitudes for Achieving Project Success (2010). Alfonso received accolades from the Project Management Institute with the Distinguished Contribution Award (2010) and a Fellow of the Institute (2011).


You can reach Alfonso at: and at 



Randall L. Englund, MBA, BSEE, NPDP, CBM As the Englund Project Management Consultancy, he is an independent consultant who trains and prepares executives and teams on project culture.  He was a senior project manager at the Project Management Initiative at HP, a Project Office leading the continuous improvement of project management across the company   He co-authored with Dr. Robert J. Graham the book Creating an Environment for Successful Projects: Second Edition (Jossey-Bass, 2004).  He is a frequent speaker and facilitator of professional events. He is co author with Dr. Robert J. Graham and Paul Dinsmore of Creating the Project Office: a Manager’s Guide to Leading Organizational Change. He co-authored with Alfonso Bucero the book Project Sponsorship: Achieving Management Commitment for Project Success (Jossey-Bass, 2006), and The Complete Project Manager and The Complete Project Manager's Toolkit (Management Concepts, 2012). Randy received accolades from the Project Management Institute with the Distinguished Contribution Award (2013)


You can reach Randy at: and on the web at



 NOTE that our book on PROJECT SPONSORSHIP has been translated to Hungarian!


ALERT:  A Second Edition of Project Sponsorship will be published by PMI in Summer 2015!


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