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Are You Getting the Support You Need? Probably NOT!

In this blog post, I  highlight the dismal state of upper management support for projects, then reference suggestions that would help.

Think Differently–Have Fun

When confronted with a stressful or challenging situation, say “I can think differently about this.” Over the years I have invoked this phrase many times, and it has changed my life. When a harsh criticism is expressed, instead of responding defensively, say (to self) “I can think differently about this,” and say (to the other…

Getting Others to Accept “No”

This post deals with the difficult challenge of saying “No” when the pressure is on to say “Yes.”

A Focused Approach to Managing Opportunities and Threats in Risk Management

What is the single most important concept in your experience that facilitates risk management planning? I was asked to address this question in a webinar for the Project Management World Meetup in Silicon Valley. My purpose as an Executive Consultant, and as a seminar leader for the Project Management Institute and online university instructor, is…