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Getting Better Solutions–a Guide to Gathering Wisdom

Better solutions to challenges are out there.  It’s a matter of capturing them.  A systematic process for doing so exists, along with data for showing it works. View the complete post on

Achieving Management Commitment for Project Success – AGAIN

My article titled: Achieving Management Commitment for Project Success has “Published” on  Monday, August 14, 2017 on the Portal ProjectTimes. Below is a link to the article.  It highlights the pervasive problem surrounding lack of project support from upper managers and suggests actions to take.

Are You Getting the Support You Need? Probably NOT!

In this blog post, I  highlight the dismal state of upper management support for projects, then reference suggestions that would help.

Think Differently–Have Fun

When confronted with a stressful or challenging situation, say “I can think differently about this.” Over the years I have invoked this phrase many times, and it has changed my life. When a harsh criticism is expressed, instead of responding defensively, say (to self) “I can think differently about this,” and say (to the other…