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Driving Organizational Performance

Driving Organizational Performance On on-going quest in most all organizations is to improve performance, especially on project-based work. It takes a concerted effort to make improvements, not just depending on accidents, luck, or wishful thinking.    

Opening Doors for Project Sponsors

A universal objective is to achieve better results from project-based work. Excellence in sponsorship as a major role in optimizing outcomes is a fervent belief held by colleague Alfonso Bucero, myself, and many others. Sponsor performance on many projects, however, is a very different story. A sponsor initiates, funds, and supports the project from inception…

Understanding Difficult People and Situations

Click on the image to read about assessing “set points” as a means to understand and deal with difficult people and situations.

Operating Across Organizations

Click on the image to see a process for operating across organizational boundaries–such as functions, organizations, or geographies–where you need to influence without authority.