The Complete Project Manager’s Toolkit


Templates, checklists, surveys, templates and examples about how to become more complete as project, program, and portfolio managers by implementing skills from multiple disciplines


The core book, The Complete Project Manager, establishes a premise that success in any environment largely depends on completing successful projects, and successful projects get done by skilled project managers and teams, supported by effective project sponsors. It is the integration across a spectrum of skills that enables certain individuals to make a difference and achieve more optimized outcomes.

The ultimate aim of The Complete Project Manager’s Toolkit is to provide action-oriented tools, allowing you to develop a more complete set of skills that is the right set for you to excel in today’s competitive environment. The goal is to equip you and your colleagues to be leaders and managers in the project environment… and beyond.

This Toolkit is designed to put tools in your hands that help you implement the concepts we cover. The concepts, about being more complete versus incomplete, are simple to understand, universal, powerful, and immediately applicable. You may already be aware of what you need to do but, for any number of reasons, you are not doing it. This book supplies the how. It provides checklists, tables, surveys, templates, and examples from real people on how to apply the concepts, thereby demonstrating their feasibility.